Managing dental supplies with multiple suppliers with an old school model of pen and paper was long awaiting a technology solution. The increasing time crunch in the lives of the Dentists which is encompassed with a thousand actions across Patient care, Clinic administration, Continuous education, Conferences, Marketing, Financial management and if time permits a bit of personal life, needed a solution. Trudent International operates with the premise that we will be able to do our bit to make the dentists’ life better as far as dental supplies are concerned. As a pioneer in online dental shopping we at Trudent International are keen to drive the best online purchase experience for the dentists across the country ensuring easy visibility and availability of all dental products in India. We are grateful to all the dental clinics and hundreds of dental manufacturers/importers who have been supporting us in this challenging journey in this short span of time. We are even more grateful to the dentists who support Trudent International purpose and have recommended Trudent International to their friends and peers. We would like to request all the progressive thinking dentists across the country to join us in this journey, to help us make it a wee bit easier for the Indian dentists to procure dental materials and run their clinics.

About Trudent International – Leading Online Dental Materials Shop in India

Trudent International is the leading online supplies store for Dental products, materials, instruments and equipments. Trudent International brings in thousands of manufacturers and tens of thousands of healthcare institutions into a single e-commerce platform, thereby creating the go-to platform for reliable discovery of better quality products and their best prices. Trudent International also provides SaaS-based intuitive materials management software to enhance the supply chain management capabilities of both healthcare institutions and manufacturers, by creating complete visibility over a highly complex supply chain. With tens of thousands of products in use, and with almost all of them tagged with expiry dates Trudent International aims to provide clear visibility, availability and freshness of dental materials used in the country.

Why Buy Dental supplies online at Trudent International?

Trudent International is the leading online supplies store for Dental products, materials, instruments and equipments. With more than 10000+ dental products across 350+ dental brands Trudent International comfortably has the widest catalogue for dental materials online. The Trudent International Advantage of only Original Products, with the Widest Range, at the Best Prices with Free Shipping over 500 makes us the most preferred Online Dental Supplier in the country. From ordering dental supplies Online through the Website or through other simple modes like SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Calls on our support number, ease of ordering is a key differentiator. At Trudent International there are hassle free payment options from Cash on Delivery to all forms of online payments through Net-banking, wallets, credit cards, debit cards and bank transfer. Go ahead – try us for you would have joined 80000+ other dentists in your march to embracing technology for your dental material management.